Monday, September 6, 2004


Brought ORSUS to Applehead Recording Studio in Woodstock NY for a very successful drum tracking session. Engineer Chris Bittner did a fantastic job of getting the sounds we were after; big, live and ambient. Chris proved to be a master on Pro Tools as well which left me free to focus on performances.

Adam's drum performances were stellar! He was well rehearsed and nailed down all 12 songs, as well as some great "effect" parts that we'll use for loops and secondary rhythms.

Now we are preparing to track Mike's bass guitar parts, then on to guitars and vocals.  I am really happy with the professionalism and dedication of this band. Please visit their site:

Also special thanks to studio owner Micheal Burnbaulm for the fantastic quality and vibe at Applehead. Great place!
Vintage Neve and API consoles and an excellent assortment in the mic closet and a large live room make it an ideal place to track! Photo (left) is their main tracking room, which sounds superb! The new photo on my index page was taken in Applehead's control room during the session.