Monday, October 16, 2006


 We actually had considered using the scratch tracks that lead vocalist and bass player Mike Hamel had laid down in pre-production because the takes were so solid. Mike had tracked direct through a Focusrite Twin Track, which sounded real good, but I wanted that tube amp sound. Instead of Re-amping we decided to re-cut the parts with both his amp and the Focusrite as DI. We lugged his amp upstairs and set it up in the jam room where we had recorded guitars. As soon as we plugged in his bass I knew there was a problem. Even at a lower volume the low frequencies from the cab caused a rattle throughout the room, mostly from the baseboard heating system. I placed an Electrovoice RE-20 right in front of the cab and hoped that the rattling wouldn't get picked up but it did. So into a closet full of cloths went the amp. We put a foam mattress liner in front of the bi-fold door, closed the door and fired it up. The rig sounded great in there. Mike played his Warwick bass through the amp and DI to separate tracks, and the blend sounded huge. He cut his tracks for all six songs in just a few hours. Next week we'll do another Guitar tracking day with guitarist Mike Duffy.

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