Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Just completed basic recording session with New York's premier smart eclectic pop band PROVAN at Leopard Recording Studio in Stone Ridge NY.  Despite me getting the flu we had a fantastic 6 day tracking marathon and even took time out to hike The Rail Trail a bit. We all camped out a leopard for the week, which really allowed us to immerse ourselves in the project. At Leopard we completed most of the basic tracking for the upcoming Provan album. The day after our session I was on a flight back to El Paso to pack up my things, pick up my dog Chaquita and say good-bye to MINISTRY. Piled into my little red wagon and headed up to Dallas for another brief visit with friends. Stopped by Nomad Recording Studio where owner Gary Long is still cranking out great recordings. From there I drove down to Ft. Myers, Florida and recorded a little vanity CD for my parents with my new iBook and M-Box rig. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2004


After months of Ministry mahem Al Jourgensen and I have completed the new MINISTRY CD "Houses Of The Mole'" with just hours to spare before flying out to Los Angeles to master at Precision Mastering with Tom Baker. After Tom gave it the final spit-shine we took it over to The Roxy to play it for all our friends in attendance.  Pamela DeBarre made a personal visit for a private listening...a truely historic rock n roll experience I must say!!! From LA: a 7:00 AM flight the next morning to New York to begin recording with PROVAN.