Thursday, December 30, 2004


Just completed a very productive 4-day lockout at Leopard Studio with PYTHON, a very talented young metal band. The project included the tracking and mixing of the band's 6-song debut CD titled "Good And Evil" and also a 3-song demo of some of their newest material. The quartet arrived well equipped with double kick drum kit, Mesa and Marshall guitar amps, Gibson and ESP guitars, great sounding chops and their manager, Joe "The General" Holzapfel.

The session went really well, with everyone tracking live and then punching in some fixes. I used mostly house mics and mic pre's on all the drums, Sennheisers for kick and toms, Shure SM57 on the snare, Neuman TLM193s on hats and ride, and AKG 414s for overheads. We ran the bass direct through the Avalon 737 Preamp, and mic'd guitar amps with Sennheiser 421s through my friend Joe Kelly's Vintech 1272 that I borrowed (I've GOT to get me one of these!) Singer Joe Holzapfel sang through an Audio Technica 4033 and the Avalon 737. We did all the tracking and mixing in ProTools and stored on a Glyph drive.

PYTHON has great songs and a very original slant on the classic thrash metal style. They are certainly one of the region's finest up-and-coming metal acts, and they're playing area gigs throughout January. Check their site for details: