Saturday, June 24, 2006


Another session in what has become a series of live recordings took place on this day at The Barn in Cold Spring. Billed as "An Afternoon Of Post-Apocalyptic Music And Art For A World Without Power" I gathered my growing collection of battery-operated toy "mini-organs" and practice amps, my "not so portable" Pro Tools rig and some microphones, and met friends at The Barn early in the afternoon. The idea was to have an "electronic music" jam without electricity.

In attendance were some of the same people that were involved with the "Splurge 25th Anniversary" session; The Anderson Brothers Em, Fred and Sean, the Umour Ritual Specialists; Loudmouth Bill, Kane and myself, as well as some other friends; Joe Kelly (of Provan) Ron Labreche (of A Bitter Mahn) and Royce Stubbs (of Admit One).

I set up the Pro Tools rig out of sight up in the "hay-loft" so as not to disturb the "Without Power" vibe. The only clue to it's presence were the three microphones I used. In the center of the room, over a large table where I had placed all the toys, was a single AKG C414. Also in place were two Shure SM81's, mounted as usual on the wall below the hay-loft.

The Andersons brought many fun instruments as well. Sean had his woodwinds, and Fred had a huge duffle-bag of drums and percussion instruments. Em brought some goofy electronic children's toys that spoke simple words and made some beeps and bleeps.

We jammed all day and into the evening, finally giving way to hunger and the impending darkness. The result was 230 minutes of recorded material which has been aptly described as "fabulously bleak". Editing of this material will be a long term project.

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