Friday, March 23, 2007


Recorded MADD DOG performing live at BSP Lounge in Kingston NY at just after 10:00 PM. I had just returned to Stewart Airport at 8:15, after a short trip to visit my parents in Florida. Cheryl picked me up and we had a quick bite and then headed straight to Kingston on the thruway. She brought along my Mbox/iBook rig and pair of SM-81's, and a stand and her son Chris Chaos, who assisted me with set-up. We set up a standard X-Y with the Shure mics, about 18 feet from the stage of the small gallery-sized venue. The house sound guy, Kip, had an excellent mix in the room and the stereo pair sounded great, as I monitored through Sennheiser cans. Madd Dog rocked eight classic rock songs, but during the recording I had a DAE Error and the iBook lost communication with the Mbox resulting in me missing two songs. As we were by and large there to record, when they finished the set I informed the singer Jimi Bass of the problem. They did an encore of the two missed numbers. The following day at my home studio I ran the tracks through some mcdsp compression and EQ plug-ins and the Fairchild 660 and mastered discs for the band's review. I forgot to snap a shot, even though I had my camera with me, so I lifted the band's logo from their site. Click it, it's a link to the MADD DOG website.

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